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Burn Bright

Mindfulness, Movement, Nutrition

Class and Workshop Descriptions

Jyoti Beginner

Perfect for someone totally NEW to yoga practice. Runs at a slower pace to gain familiarity, refine each movement, and allow the opportunity for personal instructor attention to get the most out of your experience.

Jyoti Gentle Flow

Signature blended flow for less experienced students or those seeking a gentler practice. This class is ideal for students with limited mobility or parents practicing with teen children. The sequences are influenced by Vinyasa, Hatha, & Katonah methods and include mindful breathing and meditation practices.

Jyoti Core

This class focuses on your torso down to your hips and the 29 muscles that protect your spine, improve your balance, and support the majority of your functional movement.

Jyoti Deep

This class focuses on the wholeness of body, mind, and soul, without any spiritual or religious background. The exercises are all therapeutically and functionally tested. Your experience will include body awareness, heat building exercises, and healing movement.

Jyoti Flow

Signature blended flow for students of ALL LEVELS. Influenced by Vinyasa, Hatha, & Katonah methods and includes flowing movement, mindful breathing and meditation practices.

Jyoti Warm Flow

The room is warmed to approximately 72 degrees to facilitate a slight rise in body temperature as your practice progresses.  The warmer setting is also beneficial for deeper stretching.  Please note that this is not “hot yoga”. Signature blended flow for students of ALL LEVELS. Influenced by Vinyasa, Hatha, & Katonah methods and includes mindful breathing and meditation practices.

Jyoti Kids

This class is designed for children ages 4-10.  We explore breath and simple techniques to calm and self-soothe.  Children use animal likeness to create movements and body shapes.  Class ends with 10 minutes of shavasana in aerial hammocks which provides a very soothing and relaxing experience for young children.

Jyoti Gentle & Fun Aerial (1 hr. 15 mins.)

This is the gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of antigravity aerial yoga. This approach is perfect for those who have never tried aerial yoga, or even are even new to yoga in general. This class is guided toward a lower fitness level, yet also provides cues to enhance your movements to a more challenging level as you feel ready. This class is ideal for deeper to stretching and alignment. The aerial hammocks also permit you to take your shavasana (the deep relaxation pose we take at the close of each class) to a deeper meditative level.

Jyoti Aerial Fundamentals (1 hr. 15 mins.)

Students will be guided through Antigravity fundamental movements, poses, inversions and sequences, broken down incrementally. This class is beginner friendly and moves at a slower pace. However, even a regular practitioner will appreciate all of the opportunities to build strength and flexibility. Here you will discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space utilizing an aerial hammock.

Jyoti Float & Invert (1 hr. 15 mins.)

Students will build on their current yoga and aerial practice to build core as well as upper body strength.  There will be a blend of asana movements to provide deep stretching as well as opportunity to invert and release spinal pressure.  Students will benefit from the strength building sequences and deep stretches.

Transformative Writing

Autumn, with its intense colors, tastes and smells, is a sensory hodgepodge that invites both introspection and change. As the natural world transitions, both dying off and blooming, we can also transition, letting go of what no longer serves us and harvesting what we need to bloom. In this writing workshop, we’ll use sensory prompts to explore the season both outside and inside ourselves. As we write, we will be tapping into a powerful energy and healing modality — language and metaphor — to explore what lies deep within us in an active and physical way. In this workshop we are most concentrated on the process – the act of creating, and less about the product — what is created.

You do not have to be a writer or aspiring writer to participate. With transformative writing, we’re not judging our work — or ourselves. We’re tapping into a powerful energy and healing modality — language and metaphor — to explore what lies deep within us in an active and physical way. Writing is physical. It engages the body’s systems and senses in ways that would not be accessed by just thinking or observing, or in the oral telling of a story.

Holistic writing involves the activation of the “felt sense” of the body, an intuitive knowing that promotes self-healing, strengthens the immune system and helps us to actively change our thoughts to change our lives. Here, writing isn’t so much about the product — what is created — as it is about the process—the act of creating. This workshop is also beneficial to those who may struggle with anxiety.

Facilitated by Jackie Moloney – Jackie is a writer, editor and creative writing instructor. She is a Reiki III master and volunteer rape crisis counselor and holds certifications in Yoga RYT 200 and from the Veterans Yoga Project. Her poems, essays, and stories have appeared in numerous publications under the name Jacqueline Henry.

Benefits of Sound & Vibration Using Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound is not only heard through our ears, but also through every cell in our body. You will be learning about the varying vibrations and sounds created by the Tibetan singing bowls, resulting in a unique experience and deeper level of meditation. From the initial strike of the bowl, the practitioner is brought into an immediate place of grounding. Each bowl vibrates alone for nearly two minutes, even as the room seems quiet you will brought to the awareness that the vibrations are still occurring and deeply resonating within. You will experience the benefits of sound healing – a regenerative process married to a spiritual awakening that can have profound consequences on illness, disease, and all aspects of our lives.

Facilitated by Kristine Berenson – Kristine holds certifications in Yoga RYT 200 and Tibetan Singing Bowls.