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Virtual Classes

Stay connected and keep your practice active.
Elongate and challenge your muscles from the comfort of your own home.

Bungee Fitness

Transform your body with a rigorous cardio-intensive and core-focused, yet moderately paced workout that uses the resistance of a bungee cord to compliment your fitness routine.

Mindfulness, Movement & Nutrition Retreat – Italy

Excursions to epic, soul-touching wonders, accommodations in a pristinely maintained 17th century villa and daily meditation + yoga! Remove all of your distractions and reset your chakras.

Strengthen-Me Challenge

Transform your body + reach goals with unlimited classes and personalized coaching!


Positive, world-shifting habits can be formed when paying close attention to what we need. #EmbraceChange


Bodies in motion seek — and find — the light that’s within. There is power in cultivating gratitude for all things that we are capable of doing with our minds, bodies and souls.


Excellent nutrition is an integral component to a healthy lifestyle. The great news is that it’s attainable for everyone. Follow @jyotiwithin for recipes, suggested ingredients and nutritional facts to help nourish your body.


Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t. In the abyss of challenges that we face each day, how do you make space to take care of yourself? Promoting your health and vitality is a joyful process, which can unfold in long-lasting and effortless ways. Despite what you may have heard, self-care is not selfish.


Meet your accountability partner. Stepping into your light, at Jyoti, will inspire strength. As part of this community, you’ll benefit from the support necessary to kickstart energizing changes and set achievable, measurable goals. Through mindfulness, movement and nutrition, you’ll learn to take yoga off the mat so that the lessons it teaches you have the ability to motivate you indefinitely.

Join the family.

The smallest changes in mindfulness, movement, and nutrition habits make a significant difference.

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