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Jyoti’s Power Yoga Program: PHIT33

Transform your body with (3) 33-minute high intensity sessions each week for 33 days.

Positive, world-shifting habits can be formed when paying close attention to what we need.

Bodies in motion seek — and find — the light that’s within. There is power in gratitude for all things that we are capable of doing with our bodies.

There is time in the rush of each day to nourish ourselves with balanced food. Excellent nutrition is attainable for everyone.

Jyoti Yoga

How are you actively taking care of you?

Each day is full of complicated challenges. We’re juggling more priorities than we can count! In the abundance of options, how do you make space to listen to what you need?

Somewhere along the way, you may have been misinformed that taking care of yourself is selfish/a chore. We must challenge this idea together.

Promoting your personal health and vitality is a joyful process which can unfold in incremental, long-lasting and effortless ways.

Community is powerful.

When you step into Jyoti, you step into your light. As a community, we will inspire each other to find power and strength. We provide the support you need to kickstart significant, energizing change in your life by helping you set your goals and standing by your side as an accountability partner. With mindfulness, movement, and nutrition, we will give you the tools — but also the knowledge and space — you need to live happier and healthier. You’ll learn to take yoga off the mat so the lessons it teaches can inspire and encourage you 24/7.

What’s the story behind Jyoti?

In 2016, former chief human resources officer Marie Chindamo channeled her 25 years of personnel development experience into ProTilly, an executive coaching firm seeking to help individuals and organizations grow and excel. Marie realized then that career success must be rooted in passion, inner balance, and accountability, which inspired her own personal journey into a study of mindfulness, movement, and nutrition.

Combined with her expertise in personal development and certifications in life and executive coaching, Marie’s understanding of these philosophies led her to create Jyoti. The word Jyoti means “light of consciousness” and the Jyoti community is a place for people to find support and encouragement in igniting their own inner light.

Join the Jyoti family.

The smallest changes in mindfulness, movement, and nutrition habits make a significant difference.