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Covid Safety

Stay tuned for updates!

New Policies for Safe Practice

Welcome back Jyoti Family. We’re excited to see your beautiful faces.
Since the health and safety of our instructors and students are our top priorities, we’ve established some guidelines that we’d love to share with you. The studio has been cleaned and sanitized in addition to having passed a rigorous inspection by the Suffolk County Board of Health. Special MERV-13 filters have been installed as well as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation filtration systems (UVGI) to deactivate airborne virus particles. We promise to go above and beyond to provide a safe space for you to practice including flushing out each studio with natural air and thoroughly sanitizing between classes. The studio has several hand sanitizing stations and bathrooms have been equipped with touch-less soap dispensers.

Please be aware that by attending yoga classes, you are acknowledging that you understand there is a risk associated with group activities such as practicing yoga with other students. You agree that if you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, such as sore throat, dry coughing and/or a raise in your normal temperature you will not attend class within 14 days of having any of these symptoms. You also agree that you will not attend class for a minimum of 14 days if you have had close contact with someone who has exhibited these symptoms. You also agree that if you exhibit these symptoms within 14 days of attending a live class at Jyoti, you will immediately inform us by email at info@jyotiwithin.com or by phone 631-250-9977. You understand that despite precautions taken by you and Jyoti there is not guarantee that you will not be exposed to COVID-19. Therefore, by attending these classes at Jyoti Within, you are assuming the known and unknown risks of exposure to the coronavirus and expressly release Jyoti Within, its teachers and staff, and any related or affiliated entities or parties from any and all liability associated with such exposure.

Updated Studio Rules + Notes

+ Masks must we worn at all times other than while practicing at personal mat during your class session.

+ Our class sizes (even for outdoor classes) will be limited. While we will accept drop-ins,
it is highly recommended that you pre-register for all classes.

+ You must have an unexpired credit or debit card on account and set up your class
payments prior to each practice. This will ensure a contactless transaction.

+ We understand things come up and your schedule may change, however, we will be
enforcing our 2-hour advance notice requirement in our cancellation policy. We
want to provide students on the waitlist an opportunity to practice if you cannot make it.

+ Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes will be available.

+ Some live classes may also be streamed. During those classes, rest assured that the
camera positioning will only be set to focus on our instructor and will not capture any
students during the practice.


Virtual Yoga

Not ready to come back to the studio? Stay connected with virtual classes! Elongate and challenge your muscles from the comfort of your own home.

Outdoor Yoga

Flow with your Jyoti Family in the shining sun on our 1/2 acre lawn where there is plenty of room to keep a safe social distance. Bring your own mat and props and give your body the movement that it craves.

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