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How to Lean in to Your Personal Spiritual Practices This Holiday Season

In the thick of the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the to-do lists, in the shopping, in the rush of events to attend. It’s easy to throw yourself so fiercely into the preparations and celebrations that come with this time of year that you forget to pause and consider what you’re actually celebrating. And while you may or not personally subscribe to the religious teachings that inform the holidays that are on the docket, you still have something to celebrate.

Regardless of your religious beliefs — or lack thereof — you have a right to discover your own personal spiritual practices, and there’s no better time to establish and lean into them than during the holiday season. Now more than ever, you deserve to connect to yourself and what’s most important to you, and you owe it to yourself to figure out what ignites your inner spiritual spark so you can engage it in the moments between trimming the tree, wrapping presents, and cooking delicious meals for your loved ones.

Marie Chindamo — our very own Jyoti founder — leads workshops focused on how to define and celebrate your personal spiritual practice, so if all of this is feeling a little new and overwhelming for you, she’s got your back. Keep scrolling to read a set of questions that may help you sort out and step into the practices that will work best for you, especially at this special time of year.

  • What does spirituality mean to you? Spirituality means something different for everyone, so it’s worth spending some time considering where you most value it. Are you looking to connect better to yourself? Do you want to be in better touch with the world and people around you? Do you want to expand the religious and spiritual practices you grew up with so they align more closely with how you see things today? There’s no right or wrong answer!
  • What is lacking for you? What do you want more of? Are you feeling a need for purpose? A lack of drive to be kind and give back? Have you lost connection with yourself or your loved ones? Are you sad and lonely more than you’re happy and engaged? Spirituality can play a role in filling any of these gaps.
  • What becomes more challenging for you spiritually during the holiday season? It may be helpful to make a list of all of the “must do’s” and decide which are driven by your inner self and which are driven by other influences.  Evaluate those items to determine which align with your values and spirituality.  Most people overcommit this time of year and this is a good exercise to evaluate how your time is spent honoring what is most important to you.
  • What small changes can you make to your routine to open space for spiritual practices? Can you set your alarm five minutes earlier in the morning to establish a consistent routine of gratitude journaling? Can you meditate over your lunch break or listen to an audiobook about spirituality while you commute? Can you spare an hour to tag along with a friend to her church or other spiritual community so you can reinvest in you on a regular basis?
  • How will executing those small changes — and deepening your spirituality in the process — transform your life? Once you figure out where those pockets for spiritual practice exist, you can start to imagine all that you have to gain. Picture yourself one day, one week, one month after implementing those small changes. Where do you see yourself?
  • How can you commit to making those changes, no matter how busy life gets? You see the potential for change, and you have the hope for what could happen. Now commit to yourself. How can you communicate with your loved ones about how important those spiritual practices are for you? What can you let go of to make room for them?

How do you prioritize your spiritual practices during seasons of chaos? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!

Featured image: Aaron Lee/Unsplash; Sparkler image: Jakob Owens/Unsplash