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Jyoti Shines A Light: Amanda Accardi

We believe in helping people everywhere learn how to ignite their own inner light. We want them — and you, of course! — to learn to cultivate all that is beautiful and strong, and to make that shine even brighter with health and wellness practices that can make life sweeter and more satisfying. Yes… that can come from within! But that doesn’t mean that we’re not open to shining a light from the outside, to highlighting all that’s wonderful about a person, to giving them an opportunity to share the incredible attributes that they wouldn’t normally get a chance to acknowledge. That’s why we regularly “shine a light” on a member of our Jyoti community here on the blog!

We’ve already introduced you to our amazing founder Marie Chindamo, but we want you to meet the rest of the Jyoti team, too, starting with Amanda Accardi. Amanda teaches our Sunday morning Warm Vinyasa Flow class (sign up here!), and if you’e been lucky enough to experience one of her classes, you already know how beautiful her end-of-class meditation is… and how cool it is when she breaks out the ukulele and sings to close out the experience. Amanda will also be leading a Detoxing Your Mind & Soul workshop on 4/26, during which she’ll help you prepare your body for healthy change through movement, meditation, and music. Thanks to Amanda for giving us the chance to shine a light on her passions and inspirations!

What made you fall in love with taking care of your body?

Before I began seriously taking care of my body, I was suffering from many different injuries and illnesses. I had terrible body image and a bad relationship with food. I was so tired of feeling that way, and I was looking for an exercise I actually enjoyed doing and could commit to. When I discovered yoga, I was hooked! I started practicing regularly, making it a part of my routine a few times each week. Eventually, I realized that to perform well in yoga class, I needed to be more hydrated and transition to a healthier diet. Once I made these changes, I started to feel better. I experienced less pain and started feeling stronger and more capable. My body image turned from negative to positive as I discovered all of the wonderful things my body was capable of.

What does self-care mean to you?

I see self-care as taking time for myself, being forgiving of myself, and doing things that will help heal and restore my body and energy. Yoga, meditation, and pranayama are all forms of self-care — but so is taking a nap or getting a massage! I consider any enjoyable activity performed without any internal or external pressures or obligations to be self-care.

What inspires you most?

I’m inspired when I see strong people in my life — like my friends, family, teachers, and role models — succeed and thrive!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To be kind to myself, to learn to be patient with myself, and to learn to love and accept myself exactly as I am. It’s okay to make mistakes! That’s how we learn and improve ourselves… and it’s okay not to take myself so seriously.

How do you ignite your inner light?

By singing, playing, and writing music!

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